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Ultimate Frisbee MENA 2024 SZN training: Here's what we learnt.

Throwing frisbee may be a garden game, but ultimate frisbee is literally no joke. I trained with the team for the day, and the top three outstanding players on the team took me under their wing. Except there was no wing, and it was more of a bungee jump into some extreme cardio.

Sanaa Fateh, Karina Lucile, and Yasmin Attar have been shooting discs since 2013 in their amateur days, and made it up the leagues in a male dominated niche sport. They occupy 3 players on a team of 10 (including subs) that are training for the MENA 2024 championship where the finals will be held in Dubai Sports City.

As soon as I joined the team for their field day, I followed a series of running drills that maintained a backwards hop, jump taps and burpees forward and back. Being an athlete, these are a piece of cake, but being a journalist who barely leaves the house, this was a huge issue for me. I picked up my hopes and did one round, while they did 7. Apparently it's a lucky number they all abide by.

Then it came to the actual game. I've always been good at running growing up, but the speed of explosive sprints at 28km/h (the team and I measured it) it was impossible to catch up. They were nice enough to teach us all some catches though and applauded the efforts of the AllStar writers (basically, we tried our best).

We'll be covering all this in AllStar season 2, so stay tuned AllStars.

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