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Off-Duty: Triathlete turned "office bro"

International triathlete looks unrecognizable after swapping his usual tri-suit for an actual suit-suit. Tyabji has contested 7 titles in 5 countries worldwide, but off-season he turns to his classy casual look styled in Massimo Dutti Portuguese wool set paired with slick Tom Ford cow leather loafers.

When asked why he chooses to dress like this for his everyday life, he told us:

"I give the sport its time to shine, but it's not my entire identity. I still believe in dressing for life, embodying that masculine energy, you know? You rarely feel as confident in sweatpants than you do in a custom tailored suit. I take after my grandfather who was a pretty successful guy. It's just the way I see it and grew up, I guess."

He chooses to accessorize with his grandfather's vintage Rolex Daytona, 2023 Police sunglasses and a Gant statement belt.

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