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Bahraini GT4 driver starts an LN karting based company

Sheikh Ali Al Khalifa, a Bahraini GT4 driver currently on an off-season tangent from the International Porsche Sprint races that support the F1 races all around the globe took his time to start thinking up something to do with his free time when he's not behind the wheel.

In an effort to bring better single seater international racing to his country, he started his own karting company with karts none other than Lando Norris' famous brand, LN Kart. Accelerate Motorsport is his spearheaded brand and personal mission to keeping Bahrain the "Home of Racing in the Middle East".

No doubt a patriot of his home, the royal driver has recruited Junior drivers from around the region to race for his brand and we attended the final race of the Rotax Max Karting season to see his driver, who raced for just the 5th time with Accelerate, take an amazing podium place in P3.

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